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Dienstag, 1. September 2009

Freestyle motocross going insane?

Are you serious? How isane could that sport be?

Just think about this fact, that people are back and even frontflipping their 200kg heavy dirt bike ..
When the backflip came into this sport by Carey Hart many motocross freestyler thought .. "men .. i don't wanna do that" now the sport is so far that you have to do a backflip because if not you don't have a chance any more in this sport!

Just look at the backflip variations .. Backflip double seatgrab .. Backflip tsunami  .. many freestyle killed themselve almost and now they shoud do more than that?
just think about jeremy lusk .. he pased away 3 months ago after an crash at a freestyle event in costa rica .. RIP

so now people are doing double backflips or even 720s .. what would be next .. tripple backflips??


Travis Pastrana doing the Toilet Paper Roll


Travis Pastrana .. the innovater and most popular fmx rider .. tryed after the x games 13 again something "unpossible"
at the x games 13 he made a double backflip .. this video went over the world like no other .. nobody thought that that could be possible ..
this year at x games 15 he tryed the so called toilet paper roll .. its an corcsrew 720, nothing special like he said in an interview with red bull .. one week before the x games he talked in an interview of espn about his trick
he worked since 2 years on this one now he is warming up with double backflips every morning like he said :D

finally the x games came .. he tryed the trick .. but after 1 1/2 turn he underrotaded a bit and crashed .. in an other interview to espn he talked about his failed landing  .. so what will he do for the next x games

will he try something more like this year?


How dangerous action sport can be ..


Action sports .. as spectaculare they are .. but the risks of this sports are so big.
Nearly every action sport athlete takes a hard core fail .. many of them already broke every bone in their body .. just think about that when you see them backflipping their 200kg heavy dirt bikes.

Just think about 2 tragic examples:
Scott Murray crashed trying a double backflip on his bmx bike but he crashed..
he crashed so hard on his back that he can't do so simple things like walking any more ..

Jeremy Lust died trying a backflip hart attack indian air, to let the people see who the x games medall winner is,  at an motocross freestyle event in costa rica .. he was just 24 years old .. RIP

Just look at this video which explains the risks perfect ..

best reegards

Biggest slip and slide Jump in the world - Megawoosh

Hello everybody!

Now i would like to talk to you about this video:
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Maybe many you still know this one because now this video was seen by more than 3 million people but i think that this one isn't real.

1. Fact
Even if you are able to land into this smal pool after a maybe 50 meters flight, how can he land so smooth in a pool with just 50 centimeters of water without getting hurt?

2. Fact
Why is his homepage ( a big projekt by Microsoft office?

I think that this is just an way of very productive marketing..
If you found some other facts or if you think that this one is a real video then post a response.

best reegards

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Hello everybody!
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